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           We Pray that you all have a blessed Lenten Season
seems that our country, our world, our lives, common sense and need to be honest and to reach out to our neighbors is under assault. The weather is causing serious issues in the areas where our food is grown. Why? People are struggling with the lack of jobs. Why? People are struggling with so many financial issues. Why? People have so many hardship and health issues. Why? The future of so many people in America, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South and Central America is dimming. Why? Governments, and those running them, seem to lack the moral character needed to look out for the needs of the citizens. Instead, they want to
infringe upon people's rights and serve their own self interests. Why? What makes people think that taking from others is
suddenly "giving" to others?

The world is inside-out-and-upside-down.

Please meditate on this. Pay attention to what is going on ... and think of how you can help others. For so many, devout prayer is
the answer. Prayer that comes from the heart ... not he head ...
the heart. So, please pray for the need of all the people who post their needs at this website. We are dedicated to helping!

Also, pay attention to what is going on in the political arena. Register to vote. And vote for people who are dedicated to promoting freedom defined by our founding fathers, honesty
and dedication to the Word of God!

But, the REAL PROBLEM in this world is the lack of honesty.
Lying is now OK. Sadly, the lies people spew forth every minute of every hour is the under lying reason that our world is failing.

THINK ABOUT IT! Do you see constant lying everywhere? 

The truth has lost its power because people create a false world with lies. As the old saying says, "The TRUTH shall set you free" .... not LIES will set you free. 

REALLY think about this. THE TRUTH is the core to building a trusted and believable reality. 

  We are here to help you!

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Dear Friends,

 It is heartbreaking to see so many people who are in need of prayer and a change in their lives.

Please pray for our country and the people in it. There is so much deception and self-centered
intentions that are having an adverse effect on America, its people and its future. Please offer
some special prayers up that America finds a way to follow the path to righteousness and open-heartedness instead of the current path of deceit and deception.

Also, pray for America during the coming years. We need to elect God-fearing and devoted 
officials who are dedicated to our Constitution and commitment to respecting God's Laws and
the care of our neighbors. We need people who will stand up to ideologies and agendas that are not based in adherence to Constitutional principles and God's Laws and Guidance.

The Webmaster

Our Mission Statement

First of all, I want to explain to you the mission statement of this site and our group ministry.

Quite simply, OurPrayerBucket.com is an internet-based cooperative fellowship prayer group where people ask for others to pray for their needs or the needs of their loved ones and in turn they agree to pray for the needs of all the other people involved in the group. These prayer requests will be included in our collective digital and spiritual “prayer bucket”.

The idea is that together we can all help each other and those around us with our prayers.

This is a simple idea with potential for very powerful and positive results.

The power of prayer and group prayer is well-documented. It can produce miracles. It can increase our faith and understanding. It can make us strong and give strength to those in need.

The Prayer Guidelines ....

There are two guidelines for your prayer requests. They are simple.

1.) We ask that you pray for everyone who posts a prayer need at this website. There are so many people who post prayer needs that are centered around health and financial issues, clearly we need to pray for our governmental leaders, corporate leaders and spiritual leaders to dedicate their efforts to really helping people instead of talking about it.

2.) We don’t want people praying “against” any person or any group.

This is unacceptable.

These types of prayer submissions will be deleted and NOT be included in the group’s Prayer Bucket.

Simply put, no prayer intentions will be accepted if they want ill-will to fall upon any individual or any group. This prayer group’s prayers will ALL be requests for positive results for individuals and groups who are in need. People or groups that are causing trouble for you or for the world are the people who generally need positive prayers the most.

How To Submit A Prayer

Submitting your Prayer Request is easy. Simply email us your request. Your prayer request will be reviewed quickly and approved. Or you can use the Prayer Request Form below. You are NOT required to fill in ANY information on this form if you don't want to. But be sure to include your Prayer Request.

AGAIN, you can submit your Prayer Request via email, just mail your request by clicking on this email link.

                                               Or you can ADD your Prayer Request by 
                                   Clicking on the GUEST BOOK link in the left column!

Your emailed or form-based prayer request will be added to the site’s digital Prayer Bucket immediately.

That’s all there is to it.

It all begins when you put the wheels in motion and take action. Do it, NOW.

OurPrayerBucket.com is a totally non-denominational, ecumenical prayer fellowship. We don’t care what religion, sect or denomination you belong to for you to have your needs prayed for. We just all agree to pray for the needs of everyone who needs it. In essence, those who participate in this website become Prayer Warriors. 

Again, all religions, all denominations, belief systems and sects are welcome.



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