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Please, go to the GUEST BOOK and post your prayer request. It will be reviewed and posted in the PRAYER BUCKET, as soon as possible. Please, know that your needs are all of our needs. Also, please let us know about "Prayers Answered".

Please Note: That each prayer submission is reviewed before it is posted. We want to filter out ANY SPAM before it goes into the "Prayer Bucket". So, if you don't see your submitted prayer in the Guest Book, know that it goes into the "holding bucket" as soon as you submit it and will be reviewed and approved quickly.

An Important Prayer Request We Want To Share! 
Holy Hunter said:   January 26th, 2015 5:31 am
"On December 14th 2012. A prayer request was posted for me as I was going through extremely tough circumstances. I would like to take out the time to say THANK YOU JESUS LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! I am not fertile and I have had two beautiful children called Mary and Joseph (Cringe, yes I know) I am going through such transformations and I now have a new dog called Chloe and she is a mutt but she is love. Please continue to pray for me because life can be tough but I thank JESUS everyday. Since my ordeal I have converted to Christianity from Islam and it has been one of the best things that I have ever done. I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST. Much love and respect to all - xoxox"

Our Mission Statement

First of all, I want to explain to you the mission statement of this site and our group ministry.

Quite simply, OurPrayerBucket.com is an internet-based cooperative fellowship prayer group where people ask for others to pray for their needs or the needs of their loved ones and in turn they agree to pray for the needs of all the other people involved in the group. These prayer requests will be included in our collective digital and spiritual “prayer bucket”.

The idea is that together we can all help each other and those around us with our prayers.

This is a simple idea with potential for very powerful and positive results.

The power of prayer and group prayer is well-documented. It can produce miracles. It can increase our faith and understanding. It can make us strong and give strength to those in need.

The Prayer Guidelines ....

There are two guidelines for your prayer requests. They are simple.

1.) We ask that you pray for everyone who posts a prayer need at this website. There are so many people who post prayer needs that are centered around health and financial issues, clearly we need to pray for our governmental leaders, corporate leaders and spiritual leaders to dedicate their efforts to really helping people instead of talking about it.

2.) We don’t want people praying “against” any person or any group.

This is unacceptable.

These types of prayer submissions will be deleted and NOT be included in the group’s Prayer Bucket.

Simply put, no prayer intentions will be accepted if they want ill-will to fall upon any individual or any group. This prayer group’s prayers will ALL be requests for positive results for individuals and groups who are in need. People or groups that are causing trouble for you or for the world are the people who generally need positive prayers the most.

How To Submit A Prayer

Submitting your Prayer Request is easy. Simply email us your request. Your prayer request will be reviewed quickly and approved. Or you can use the Prayer Request Form below. You are NOT required to fill in ANY information on this form if you don't want to. But be sure to include your Prayer Request.

AGAIN, you can submit your Prayer Request via email, just mail your request by clicking on this email link.

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Your emailed or form-based prayer request will be added to the site’s digital Prayer Bucket immediately.

That’s all there is to it.

It all begins when you put the wheels in motion and take action. Do it, NOW.

OurPrayerBucket.com is a totally non-denominational, ecumenical prayer fellowship. We don’t care what religion, sect or denomination you belong to for you to have your needs prayed for. We just all agree to pray for the needs of everyone who needs it. In essence, those who participate in this website become Prayer Warriors. 

Again, all religions, all denominations, belief systems and sects are welcome.


You can submit your Prayer Request by CLICKING on the GUEST BOOK on the left!



Have you ever had those "runs of luck" during which everything seems to come down at once -- fall apart, go haywire?

Everyone has. Things break down. There are sudden, major repairs. There is painting that needs to be done. There may be huge medical bills, or some other financial hardship. You have a fender-bender (or worse). A job may be lost. There are family problems. Siblings are going at it. Parents are dying. You can't seem to find inspiration. There may be sickness. There are unexpected extra unavoidable expenditures. A relationship falls apart. The air conditioner won't work.

It can be spiritual warfare. It can be an attack. It can be the simple trials of this place we call earth -- where, hard as you may try, you will never find the magic bullet for total happiness (that's reserved for Heaven). We're not called to worldly perfection; we're called to react to every adversity -- and they always come -- in a positive way.

Just do this -- try -- and God smiles. Reacting positively to adversity sharpens your spirit.

When a run of "misfortune" occurs, there are two important strategies:

One is to recapture what was lostGo back in prayer and replace everything that flew out the window. Pray with specificity. Concede nothing to the enemy. Pray health back. Pray back holiness. Pray back peace of mind. Pray that $200 car repair back. Pray to get what it cost for that burst pipe. Pray for the extra tax dollars you didn't anticipate having to send. Pray about every single thing, and in some way God will replace it (if not in kind, in a fashion that fits His Will). Too often, we obsess on bad turns of events ("woe is me") instead of taking action. In this way do we sit back and let more happen. Simply put, we play defense instead of offense. We pray against misfortune instead of for recovery.

And when we're on the defensive, we're often back on our heels (which makes it easy to stumble, or even fall, backwards).

As Roosevelt said, we have only to fear "fear" itself! Take the offensive and recapture what was "stolen" from you! (Look how, against the odds, Europe was taken back from Hitler.)

That's one chief strategy -- in what is so frequently spiritual combat. Our time is rife with this! The enemy has stepped up pressure. It is a "world war."

The second tactic: pray that "Jesus Ascended" intervene and break communication between demons, powers, and principalities. When a spirit is harassing us, it's often a lower one that's getting its marching orders from above. Pray to break that link. Pray to disrupt demonic strategy (in the Name of Jesus). Bind the "strongman" (to recover spoils, again in the Name of Jesus).

"Virtually every demon power within a person has a territorial spirit in the heavenly realm or in the atmosphere," notes a deliverance expert named Don Dickerman in a book called People, Pigs, and Principalities"The demons on the inside are like a cell, or a seed, from the territorial demon." Ask Jesus to disrupt that. "The Lord has made a public spectacle of demon powers through His death, burial, and Resurrection," notes Dickerman. "There is no power that is not subject to His control and beneath His Name. Principalities and powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places have all been disarmed by the Cross. The Savior, by His death and Resurrection, took dominion from them. I have never encountered a demonic power that does not recognize this as the truth."

Divide, conquer -- and recover. Recapture.

I say "Jesus Ascended" because that emphasizes that He recovered what was lost due to Eve and Adam.

Meditate on this: Jesus is above every power and principality. They fear Him. They fear us when we invoke His Name. They can do nothing permanent to us (as they could not permanently kill Jesus, as they could not keep Him in a tomb) unless we let them. Take back turf from the enemy! Take back "France." Take back "Poland." Take back "Austria." Don't sit there and weep over your "losses."

There is no such thing as a loss unless you look at it that way.

There is only a cause for prayerful action and correction.

There is only the opportunity to show strength, courage, and calm in the face of adversity.

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Who can stop God, if God wants to bring back what was taken?



[adapted from Life Missions, Family Healing, by Michael Brown]

Intriguing is the notion that each one of us has a special cause in the greatest depths of spirituality. 

It is a very deep secret.

Your family has been sent here for a specific reason that is consciously unknown to you (at least as far as the details) and it is important for you to fulfill your part of that assignment.

Before getting to our families – and the healing necessary to complete family sanctity – let’s stay on the topic of mission. Life is like foreign land – a wilderness – and we have to cross deserts, scale cliffs, endure lack of nourishment, seek shelter, rediscover paths, decide which turns to take (and which are dangerous), ford rivers (that may have rapids), cut through “brush,” survive heat and cold, navigate mountains and ravines. You are an explorer on a strange planet that one day you will see was not your real home but a place for learning and accomplishment, growth, and sanctification. It all comes down to keeping our eyes on the Light and bringing our loved ones along.

We all have missions and they tie into the tests of life on earth, which is an obstacle course.

While, in a "worldly" sense, it may be hard to believe, what God has assigned to you is as important as what He has assigned to anyone else.

That's not necessarily to know exactly what a mission is. Indeed, it’s usually against God's Will to precisely know what has been set for you.

It compromises the "tests" of life.

If we knew exactly what God expected, it would make the “test” too easy – take away the free will -- and make no mistake: life is a constant test.

When we succeed, we purify our souls and help our families – who are often with us on this journey.

In fact, some missions may be focused almost entirely on relationships.

Or, a mission may have to do with what we do for other people in the world – a job, a vocation, a friendship, or a ministry.

The Lord has put you where He wants you and wants you to minister to others in whatever role you have. Great souls are to be found at all stations of life. Maybe He has set your mission as a janitor, a mailman, a lawyer.

No matter what has happened to you in your life -- no matter how you may have strayed, and no matter how late in the game it seems -- remember that God can always go back to the original plan He had for you.

If you’re prayerful, if you repent, if you seek to work for Him in whatever work on earth He has assigned to you, He can allow circumstances to occur in a way that recovers what you may have lost.  

Rising to the task means fulfilling whatever plan God has for you. It means diligence. It means excellence in whatever it is you do (whether the world considers your vocation “small” or “large”).

We can ask for special assistance in finding our own missions when we take Communion.

A mission always involves faith, service, and love. It also means purity. We are meant to cleanse ourselves in this lifetime. We are meant to cleanse into drops of His affection. These drops spread His power. They are like dye – bringing beautiful colors and nullifying the works of the enemy. If we do not love, we are missing our mission. Love means purity of intention. If we are in the field of education, it means teaching because we love those we teach (and not simply to draw a paycheck). If we work in a restaurant, it is to satisfy others. If it is a doctor, it is having the motive of helping others. When a cook prays while cooking, or a doctor while examining, or a teacher before entering a classroom, something uniquely good is added to the finished product, and this is God’s touch, which is part of every person’s mission. It is the enemy who distorts our missions into selfishness – who tempts a doctor to work for his own luxury or a salesman to grab everything he can and this we must purify.

When we die, we’ll be astonished at why everything that occurred to us happened and we will see that there are no tragedies in this life if we keep our eyes on God and the afterlife (tragedies are lessons). 

Everything is an opportunity to shine before God.


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